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Hidden Alliance

It wouldn't be a good server without some rules. These are the rules


Welcome to HiddenAlliance a gathering of likeminded players who enjoy ArmA in a structured team casual mil-sim model. We are an “invite only” server so if you’re here there must be a reason. We don’t host “public” mission nights. We are certainly not for everyone.

We’re looking for players and communities who are looking to load up in a team-based play for a night. We do look to other communities to participate in our “Event missions” to bring their fireteams, squads, and even their platoons to run mission with us.

Want to join on occasion and play when the mood strikes – that’s fine. This isn’t about hard-core play time. We’re centered on ArmA (not looking to add any other games to the mix any time soon) with a Website, STEAM Group, Unit and our own TS Channel. We’re a loose gathering of players who like to play together.


Think of the consequences in the real world - plan on the same thing here:

  • TK - you’re gone
  • Accidental TK - you’re most likely gone
  • Lone wolfing - gone
  • Renegade teams - gone
  • Language - Keep it down - I’m not your mother, but I really don’t feel like dealing with bad language low lifes (do that elsewhere) - gone or certainly not invited back
  • Disrespect (nope, I won’t define it - you should know, if you don’t you most likely won’t be here long) - gone
  • In game names - profanity / religious / political / childish - I won’t bother - you just won’t be allowed on the server - don’t be an idiot and there won’t be any issues. If I have to figure out the name or think about it - I’ll just not bother, and you won’t be allowed on the server - so don’t be coy.

Bans are not eligible for appeal


  • Minimum of 4 person fireteams for access - no maximum
  • No pilots - we’ll ask you not the other way around
  • No snipers - same, we’ll ask you
  • No crazy optics - unless you want the AI to have them as well
  • No “dress up” - We ain’t got time for that.
  • Full crews for required assets - No “one-manning”

Fire teams will be assigned to a squad and those to a platoon. Follow chain of command and keep your guys in check (quiet), remember, you’re responsible for them.

It will be important to follow orders and operate as a cohesive larger unit (or you won’t be invited back)

Regular teams (small and large) can request custom loadouts (within reason and only with the approval of the leads) - this will happen over time.

Respect the chain of command and other players. It’s simple, treat others with respect and there will be no issues, we’ve got no time for childish behavior - fastest way to get gone

Drop in for a mission - run it to the end - “mid-mission-departures - you most likely won’t be asked back again.

One guy on a team will most likely get the whole group banned - is it worth it?

Referred squads are the responsibility of the referring squad - (if they screw up it's’ on you - keep that in mind)

We’re a US based server - plan on US based times for events (we’re not launching them at 1:00 PM CST). Plan on during the week evening events and Sunday late afternoon or evening events (we all have real lives and friends)

Squad / Team leaders (FTLs and SLs) are responsible for contacting the CO and XO to inform them of their teams (names and GUIDs) for event access.

In-Game names - see rule above - also they should match STEAM name or at least be close (we’re not chasing people around who are all over the map with odd and obscure names)