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Getting Started

Come Play with Us

We are excited to always have new guest players, with previous experience with Arma 3 and a basic understanding of ACE3 and ACRE2 or similar. We play regularly on Friday and Sunday but most days you will find players on the server or floating about. Please contact us on TS @ if you are interested in playing. No strings attached.

About Us

  • Regular Player

    As a regular player you are on the whitelist and have access to the game and development servers for playing. Being a regular gets you into events and shows how much you like us and hang around!

  • Authorized Player

    So you've taken the plunge, and want to stick around forever and bring more folks by. Guess what now you get to do the same thing you did as a regular but you get a fancy new tag.


    Holy crap this is not a perk its a curse, so many things to keep working and problems to solve. If you find yourself ever wanting to be a lead don't its scary and its very much like west world (after the patch)

Ready to Play ?

  • First Game

    Register in the Forums, and get in contact with a LEAD on Teamspeak for approval and whitelisting and access to the game server.Get ready for the next game night or event.
  • Before Every Game

    Make sure that your mods are up to date, chances are if there is an update to any of the mods we will ensure they are updated on the server side. If indicated for the event sign up for the event on the forums by the deadline, (24:00HRS) prior to kickoff. Arrive to play 15-30 minutes early for assignemtents or just shooting the breeze.
  • In Game

    (1) Have Fun ! (2)Ensure all weapons are safetied in BLUFOR areas, kit up only when directed to by the mission commander or subordinate. (3)We would love it you stream our sessions, let us know so we can add you to the streams page for when we go live. (4)Follow orders, when you are in doubt see your team or squadleader.


If you want to find our more about our modpack and how often it is changed read on ->