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This is where we will post information about the HiddenAlliance site, the community and some of the things going on in the background. Check here for current news and for any changes to the site or the community.

January 21, 2020

HiddenAlliance will have two list of MODs for missions.  The main "Required" MOD list found in the NAV area and on the Discord. and the MAPs list (which is new) so you don't have to search for right version of the map.

This also acts as the map list for any interested mission makers to pick from the maps indicated and make a mission they like on one of the maps.

We will only be loading maps as we use them so do NOT Download all of these maps unless you want to just follow the Discord mission announcements for the right map to load along with the required MODs.

August 18, 2019

The Website forum is going away

We're using Discord so much there is little use for the Forums at this time. We own the code so there is no reason we can't bring it back if we need it but we're going to "sideline" it for now and focus our real time discussions on our Discord site.

I think changing out the forums with this news tab will provide better "web level" information for the community and help with information across the board going forward.