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Operations at HiddenAlliance

Campaigns, Mission Planning and Event Building

Current Event Missions

Welcome to Operations. Where we plan event driven things.

Winter Chernarus

Operation Avalanche - ALiVE

In the early hours of Dec 3rd, Chedaki military forces, in coordinated attacks supported by insurgent Chedaki supporters, launch assaults against multiple CDF held positions near the South Zagoria border. CDF forces were pushed inland, with the 16th Mechanized falling back to Stary Sobor and repelling multiple Chedaki assaults through Dec 5th. Chernogorsk and other coastal cities fell to Chedaki invaders by Dec. 6th with CDF forces holding the current front line between Vyshnove and Solnichiny on the eastern coastline. Now that our forces have regrouped, it is time to take the fight back to the Chedaki scum!!

This is an ALiVE based full map campaign on Winter Chernarus.  This is a MP campaign for up to 26 players.


Operation Citadel - ALiVE

MISSION COMPLETED – Enemy forces have been eradicated from the region and civil order has been restored. Command congratulates the squads and teams responsible for the successful execution of this critical mission in the region.

This does not mean that we will not have other missions in this region in the future we have just completed this major offensive in the AO.

The Reshmaan Province area has been overtaken in recent months by insurgents who are bent on securing the area for their own purposes.  They have established recruiting bases (facilities) as well as weapons caches and are both terrorizing the local inhabitants and recruiting them to their terrorist organization.  NATO troops are tasked with securing the region displacing and eliminating the threat to the local population along with wining back the trust of the local population and restoring them to control of the area.

This is an ALiVE mission with the whole map as the AO for our troops. This is a MP mission for up to 42 operators including specialized roles like Pilots, medical staff, engineers, and special weapons operators.

Al Rayak

Operation Lion's Roar - ALiVE

Al Rayak has long been a disputed territory between Lebanon and Israel. An uneasy agreement that no forces of either side would occupy Al Rayak has been in existence since the Al Rayak Accords of 2009. That changed when 3 separate terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv were linked to monetary support from Hezbollah and Iran. In response to these attacks, Israeli tanks and infantry rolled into Al Rayak and established outposts throughout. As tensions have continued to grow, and with Iranian forces bolstering the current Hezbollah ranks, Hezbollah leadership determined now is the time to claim ownership. In the early hours of April 17th, 2018, Iranian and Hezbollah forces moved into the large coastal city of Al Nabq, seizing the vital ports there. Meanwhile, Iranian Airborne units launched coordinated attacks against Izzra, Inkhli, and Al Manzoul, essentially siezing the entire Al Rayak coastline within hours. Iranian forces established a forward operating base to conduct air operations. IDF forces, caught by surprise and outnumbered, were forced to fall back and consolidate their forces, withdrawing inland.

This is an ALiVE based full map campaign on Al Rayak.  his is a MP campaign for up to 26 players.

Missions Under Development


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Regional Operations


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Patrol Operations deep in the jungle


A Former French Colony rooted with a rich and dark history.


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